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‘Why walk over those coals?’ Biden camp weighs keeping Kamala in basement, too

– The Washington Times

Joseph R. Biden’s campaign is contemplating the advent of Team Basement.

Sen. Kamala D. Harris bounded back into the presidential race with much the same fervor that greeted her primary run before she quickly went from presumptive front-runner to the first high-profile casualty.

The Californian looked great on paper but ended up crowded out by purity tests on the far left and by Mr. Biden, whose built-in advantages of being President Obama’s loyal sidekick proved insurmountable.

The dilemma now facing Mr. Biden: Is Ms. Harris a better value on the trail or huddled with him in the basement out of concern that she could flop again?

David McCuan, professor of politics at Sonoma State University in California, said it is hard to predict what comes next based on Ms. Harris‘ disappointing primary run.

The fact that she did not have primary success amongst a cast of thousands, that it is a completely different animal than running in a COVID environment and post-George Floyd and in a recession during the mother of all elections,” Mr. McCuan said.

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