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Who is Kamala Harris?

I was having second thoughts about writing this article about Kamala Harris because I felt that no one would believe how unscrupulously corrupt Harris really is and it would be minimized as a typical republican hit piece…The longer I waited the more I realized that truth is stranger than fiction and decided to let the readers make their own decision on this piece…I have to thank Peter Schweizer for his fearless presentation on six of the most politically people on the planet and this gave me the impetus to present a picture of the unmitigated corruption from the most liberal member of the United States Senate – Kamala Harris.

Harris was born to a Jamaican father and an Indian mother that was a Tamil Brahmin and practicing Hindu…They were both professional individuals with her father being a Marxist economist who taught at Stanford University and her mother being a research scientist doctor…Harris’s parents divorced and she was raised by her mother in California and followed the Hindu practices.

Harris’s entreé into the corridors of political power largely began when she met Willie Brown, at the time Brown was the Speaker of the State Assembly in California. Brown was married and was 60 years old at the time he began dating Kamala Harris who was 29 and known as the “Mistress of Brown.” Brown was investigated during his political career for corruption and ethics violations by the FBI, Bar Association of California, and the Fair Political Practice Commission, just to name a few. After the affair started, Harris began to receive appointments to State Commissions, Appeal Boards, Medical Assistance Commission, and so on…

During this time, Willie Brown got elected as the Mayor of San Francisco and during the swearing in ceremony, Harris was by his side. With Brown’s help, Harris was appointed as an Assistant District Attorney in San Francisco and headed up the Career Criminal Unit. Soon thereafter, in 2003 with Browns help, Harris upset the race for District Attorney of San Francisco pushing out the incumbent. San Francisco liberal elites came out to support Harris such as J.P. Getty Clan, Danielle Steele, Frances Bowes.  However, during her campaign for District Attorney, Harris exceeded the campaign spending limits, had numerous ethics violations charged against her, and San Francisco City employees were forced to be a “Patronage Army.”

Harris’s elevation to national Politics is closely tied to one of California’s most allegedly corrupt political machines (Willie Brown was the most corrupt Mayor in San Francisco history) and investigations into her tenure as prosecutor raises disturbing questions about Kamala Harris’ use of the criminal statutes in a highly selective manner, in order to protect friends, financial partners, and supporters. The amount of blatant corruption that Harris represented was staggering. These are a sampling of cases/companies that Harris dealt with by covering them up: Pacific Cement deals, Back on Track Program, Non-enforcement of Immigration Laws, Doug Emhoff-Venable LLP (her husband’s company), Sempra Energy (Jerry Brown’s sister Kathleen), SEIU – United Health Care Workers, Prime Health Care-Daughters of Charity, St. Ignatius scandal.  Harris used her powers as a prosecutor to leverage her rise to power and protect corrupt allies, friends and family.

During the Catholic Church Abuse Scandal in California, Harris refused to release the records of Catholic Church Abuse cases. The evidence was buried and then years later lost while Harris was receiving large donations from groups representing the Church. She served as San Francisco DA from 2004-2011 and then as California Attorney General from 2011-2017 and never brought a single documented case forward against any abusive Catholic priests.

Now no corruption story would be complete with mentioning President Barack Obama. Obama ran a fund raiser in San Francisco for Harris in 2011 just after Harris was elected as Attorney General of California. Harris was in deep campaign debt and the fund raiser was organized to help retire some of her campaign debt.  Coincidently, Harris was the campaign co-chair for Obama’s Presidential run.

The Biden-Harris ticket is one of deceit, corruption, nepotism, infanticide, tyranny, and totalitarianism with one end in sight: the destruction of the United States of America as a representative Republic.  All  must get out and vote in this election because if you don’t this will be the beginning of the demise of the greatest country ever to exist on  Earth. Please go and vote.

Dr. Joseph A. Finley, Jr.
Dr. JOSEPH A. FINLEY, JR. PH.D., CPP. Dr. Finley served as the Director of Training at Invictus Security which is a disabled veteran owned and operated company in Florida. Previously, he was with G4S Secure Solutions, USA as Director, G4S, North America Training Institute (NATI). Dr. Finley is a knowledgeable safety and security expert, with an extensive background in federal law enforcement and academic administration. He has more than 28 years as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Dr. Finley has been involved in the FBI SWAT/Sniper program, and conducted 200 dynamic entries while assigned to the Special Operations Division of the FBI. Additional, he has been on the Executive Protection details for U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and U.S. Congressman Allen B. West. Since 1987, Dr. Finley was assigned to the Special Operations Group of the FBI (17 years) and while assigned to the New York Division, actively conducted Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Sweeps (TSCM) and surreptitious entries. Upon being transferred to the Miami Division in 1996, he continued his assignment in the Special Operations Group. He is an Expert Witness in the field of Forensic Geology and was assigned to the FBI Laboratory as an examiner and testified as an expert in Federal, State, and Local courts. He has conducted many crime scene investigations and started the Underwater Search and Evidence Recovery Team (USERT), FBI, Miami. He was an original member of the FBI Scuba program. He has lectured at the university level and at private symposiums on Maritime Security, Homeland Security, MTSA Compliance Matters, Terrorism, Underwater Crime Scenes, PTSD in Security Officers, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Dr. Finley is on the Board of Directors, American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International Chapter 254, The Palm Beaches, as well as being on the ASIS National Standards Committee for Investigations. Dr. Finley is a certified protection professional (CPP) through ASIS International. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership with a Global Perspective, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with concentration in Forensic Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Geology.

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