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The Animal Rights Plague in Virginia

Our entire country is dealing with a second pandemic at this time, but it’s not one you’ll hear about on the nightly news. It’s the animal rights plague, an evil ideology that has been sweeping the country, and getting worse every year. Nowhere has it claimed more victims than in one of the country’s most venerable states – the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Over the past several years, countless innocent individuals in Virginia have been charged under the Commonwealth’s ever tightening animal rights-driven laws.  Laws that begin in the legislature and are presented as “feel good” legislation that claim to prevent harm to animals, yet in reality these animal rights bills are nothing but emotionally charged propaganda which do nothing but harm law-abiding animal owners and animal-related businesses.

How does this happen with legislation that claims to “protect” animals?

It happens because our legislators get cozy with animal rights zealots. Virginia State Senator Bill Stanley (R-VA-20) is a perfect example. He has been doing the bidding for animal rights groups in the Virginia legislature for some time. And, to add insult to the process, the scuttlebutt at the Virginia Capitol is that Senator Bill Stanley’s (former) legislative aide, Richard Crouse, is VERY cozy with Kara Moran, an animal rights extremist who hangs her hat with the Virginia PawsitiVAty Initiative, an animal rights group based in Virginia Beach, VA.

How can Senator Bill Stanley, a pro-Second Amendment and supposed “pro-business” Republican fall so hard for the animal rights propaganda?! He’s seen here (below) accepting an award from Kara Moran, herself, in November 2019 seeking to vilify pet stores and their sale of puppies from licensed, regulated breeders while paving the way to mandate the sale of puppies sourced only from unregulated non-profit rescues and shelters.

Gee, Senator Stanley. That doesn’t seem very “pro business” nor does it align with the GOP mission of less regulation and government.

Animal rights groups have a long history of using women to gain favor with politicians and advance legislation. Lots of pretty teenage girls who don’t know any better are groomed to become future animal rights lobbyists. This is particularly noticeable with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Their former CEO, Wayne Pacelle, was forced to resign over allegations of sexual misconduct in 2018, along with HSUS Vice-President Paul Shapiro. Likewise, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a radical animal rights group based in Virginia Beach, VA, has been severely criticized for its sexualization of young girls (Hello, naked girls wearing leaves of lettuce?) in the name of “animal rights.”

Any animal legislation coming from Senator Stanley’s office, via Kara Moran, ensconced in Virginia with HSUS’s anti-breeder campaign, has to be considered damaged goods.

A bill in the 2021 current legislative session is SB 1412, which happens to be sponsored by Senator Stanley. SB 1412 requires pet stores to ensure all their employees and purchasers sign a statement ensuring that they have never been convicted of animal cruelty, neglect, or abandonment. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? How could this possibly be enforced? Anyone can sign a piece of paper and lie about their past.

In Virginia, pet stores are the most heavily regulated companion animal establishment within Virginia code and also follow the USDA Animal Welfare Act regulations, as well as state and local regulations! Why do we need more laws?

To make this bill have any real meaning, it should also apply to private and public animal shelters. The same standards that apply to pet stores should also apply to shelters to ensure animals are treated well across all regulated facilities.

We all want animals to be treated well but it’s time to stop listening to animal rights promoters with questionable agendas. Especially time for our legislators to wake up to the realities of what the animal rights agenda truly means for the future of animal ownership.

To learn more about the animal rights agenda please visit Education tab on The Cavalry Group’s website.

To oppose SB1412, please email Virginia lawmakers to oppose this overreaching unneeded legislation.  Click here

Carlotta Cooper
Carlotta Cooper is a freelance journalist and contributing editor for Dog News magazine. Carlotta is a Dog Writers' Association of America award winner for her writing about shelter dogs and other matters of the canine and animal ownership. She also writes for The Cavalry Group about legislative issues.

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