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Taxpayers fund government nuclear research lab’s 3-day mandatory ‘reeducation camp’ for white males to convince them of their racism: report

By Sarah Taylor for The Blaze

Say what?

The federal government reportedly hosted a celebrated nuclear research lab’s three-day retreat specifically designed for white males to consider their innate notions of white supremacy and racism — and it was all allegedly on the taxpayers’ dime.

What are the details of the report?

Christopher Rufo, director at the Center on Wealth & Poverty at Discovery Institute, shared the concerning news via Twitter on Tuesday.

He wrote, “The federal government’s premier nuclear research lab hosted a 3-day reeducation camp for ‘white males,’ with the goal of exposing their ‘white privilege’ and deconstructing ‘white male culture.’ Here are the leaked documents from the race-segregated, taxpayer-funded session.”

Rufo went on to share screenshots of related retreat documents.

So what was the retreat all about?

In an article published on his website, Rufo wrote, “Last year, Sandia National Laboratories hosted a 3-day reeducation camps for ‘white males’ with the goal of exposing their ‘white privilege’ and deconstructing ‘white male culture.'”

Rufo revealed that the laboratory — which designs the country’s nuclear weaponry — sent its white male employees to a luxury resort in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they were required to undergo training, titled “White Men’s Caucus on Eliminating Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia in Organizations.”

A company called “White Men as Full Diversity Partners” led the series.

In accompanying documents, Rufo revealed that much of the training material was racially biased against white males, and reported notions such as white supremacy, the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nation, and “MAGA hat” were intrinsically associated with “white male culture.”

Rufo reported that trainers insisted that attendees were required to “work hard to understand … white privilege,” as well as male privilege and straight privilege.

“Next, the white male employees must expose the ‘roots of white male culture,'” Rufo added, “which consists of ‘rugged individualism,’ ‘a can-do attitude,’ ‘hard work,’ and ‘striving towards success.'”

Such ideals, the trainers reportedly insisted, are nothing short of “devastating” to minorities and to women because it inherently leads to “lowered quality of life at work and home, reduced life expectancy, unproductive relationships, and high stress.”

Rufo pointed out that in at least one session, white male attendees were required to repeat affirmations against white privilege and were forced to “accept their complicity” in the “white male system.”

To conclude the schooling, the attendees were also reportedly directed to write letters to women and minorities about their experience at the retreat, and to apologize for participating in toxic culture created and prompted by white male privilege.

Anything else?

According to its website, White Men as Full Diversity Partners also promises to teach its clients the importance of exploring how “racism, sexism, heterosexism, and classism operate as systemic advantage/privilege in work, community, and personal life.”

The course promotes a discussion on understanding what it means to be “white, male, and heterosexual at work,” while examining white supremacy and its impact on minorities and women.

The company also insists it will teach white males how to ignite “self-interest in diversity” as well as in “co-creating inclusive and diverse organizations.”

A spokesperson for Sandia National Laboratories tells The Blaze that the company prides itself on diversity, but neither confirms nor denies that employees attended the event.

“Inclusion and diversity are defining elements of Sandia National Laboratories’ culture, which welcomes multiple perspectives, promotes different working styles, and leads to the innovation in science, engineering, and technology for which we are known,” the spokesperson says.

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