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I saw a tattered flag today,

Her stripes were torn and oh so frayed.

Upon a hill she stood unfurled,

The brilliance of her stars all blurred.


At first, I was angry and somewhat dismayed,

How could they fly Old Glory this tattered worn-out way?


She was torn and disrespected,

She was worn and so neglected.

Old and faded by the sun,

Her once bright colors now looked undone.


As my gaze locked upon her, my anger turned to shame,

For that’s how We the People in this nation are today.

We are divided and torn, our emotions all in threads,

Our colors once diverse and proud are now belligerent instead.


As an Independent People we once could all agree…

Our strength and honor came from our unique diversity.

Now we are divided, no longer states united;

Our allegiance is broken, only angry words are spoken.


May we all stop and take a deep breath.

Take just a moment to concentrate and reflect.

What has changed?  Our history is the same!

Yet somehow, we were convinced that we should be ashamed.


Don’t let your heart be shattered,

Sometimes we all feel tattered,

Sometimes we all feel torn.

But rest assured America, in freedom, we were born.


Though tattered and torn still Old Glory freely flies,

Reminding us of who we are from way up in the sky.

A symbol of our Liberty and tragedies gone by,

She watches over America with dignity and pride.


There is no perfect nation;

No people without sin.

Look to the good and not the bad,

To Bring Us Home Again.

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