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Rush Limbaugh Embarrassed Biden

By Henry Lee, The Washington Sentinel

For months, Joe Biden has flip-flopped on the Black Lives Matter riots he has incited. First they were imaginary, then they weren’t, and now he claims the rioters are actually supporters of President Donald Trump.

Talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh obviously saw right through that, and publicly called him out on his Tuesday broadcast.

Limbaugh hammers Biden for his BLM flip-flops, and points out that he is only now acknowledging the riots because he is slipping in the polls. Particularly, he hammers Biden for his planned visit to Kenosha, WI, which has been the latest site of violent protests.

In particular, Limbaugh hits Biden because he previously told Trump that he shouldn’t visit Kenosha, saying:

“Hey, guess who’s going to Kenosha? And no, it’s not us. Guess who’s going to Kenosha? (interruption) That’s exactly right. Sleepy Joe is going to Kenosha on Thursday, after telling everybody that Trump better not go, it would be a drastic error, it would be a huge mistake, it would be a faux pas, something that shouldn’t be done. Trump’s only gonna cause the town to burn down even more. He shouldn’t go. The Democrats all said, ‘Trump, don’t go.’ The mayor, the governor, ‘Please don’t come. We don’t want you here.’”

Limbaugh goes on to point out that Biden’s trip to Kenosha is almost certainly based entirely on how well Trump’s trip went:

“Trump went. It went well. It went great, as we all knew it would, and so now Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the action. Sleepy Joe gotta get in on the good times. Sleepy Joe saying he gonna go to Kenosha to Thursday.”

Polls show that Trump is climbing in the polls, particularly in key battleground states

Of course, if 2016 teaches us anything, it is that polling doesn’t mean much when it comes to President Donald Trump.

He consistently outperforms what polls claim he will do.

Biden understands this, and will emulate any move by Trump that results in an increase in polling. He had no intention of going to Kenosha, but is only doing so because it went well for Trump, which is the point Rush Limbaugh drives home.

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