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President Trump Visits Kenosha in the Wake of ‘Anti-Police and Anti-American’ Riots as Dems Ignore Devastation

By Reagan McCarthy for Townhall

President Trump visited Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday as the city sees devastating damage as a result of civil unrest led by violent, left-wing activists. The president toured properties burdened by violent riots and looting, and vowed to assist the businesses’ rebuilding efforts with millions of dollars in financial support for law enforcement, small businesses and public safety.

The president and Attorney General Bill Barr also participated in a roundtable with local law enforcement officials to discuss community safety.

President Trump’s visit defied the wishes of Democrat leaders, who refuse to acknowledge the severity of the violence or condemn the left-wing groups behind the devastation. The National Guard has been deployed at the president’s command, and over 200 federal agents from the FBI, ATF and U.S. Marshals Service are on the ground to help local law enforcement. The Trump administration’s “Operation Legend” sent over 1,000 federal law enforcement officials to a handful of cities plagued by violence and crime.

By contrast, Joe Biden has yet to schedule a visit to Kenosha, and instead blamed President Trump for the violent riots. The former vice president’s campaign said that Biden hopes to not disturb the “peaceful nature” of the riots in Kenosha.


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