Tuesday, October 27, 2020
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Once Again, Newsom Changes the Rules for California’s Reopening

By Bronson Stocking for Townhall

California’s incompetent governor, Gavin Newsom, just rewrote the rules for a third time regarding the state’s reopening process. The governor’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been so muddled even the Associated Press has taken note.

On Friday, Newsom unveiled a fun, color-coded map of the state depicting the various counties and their current lockdown statuses. The colors range from yellow to purple, with each darker color indicating a more draconian lockdown status. A county has to spend 21 days in each color before being eligible to move on to a lighter color. How fun is that?

Purple represents the most severe lockdown orders, where in-classroom instruction and indoor dining are prohibited.

A map of California shows the current colors of the various counties.

That’s a lot of purple.

Once more, Gavin is changing the rules on everybody with this stupid new coloring system. Newsom had delegated the reopening process down to the county level before rewriting the rulebook and reinstating lockdown orders across the state.

Newsom should color a map of California showing the current levels of wildfires, blackouts, and homelessness in the state. That map would be mostly purple too.

On second thought, the only thing Newsom should be allowed to color is a coloring book. Californians need to remove this Gov. Nincompoop before he transforms the entire state into a cesspool like he did with San Francisco.

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