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New CNN Poll Has Biden Supporters Sweating

By Bonchie for RedState

A new CNN poll is out that has Biden supporters reaching for their antiperspirant. In normal times, any lead would usually have the supporters of a candidate feeling good about themselves. But these aren’t normal times and the animosity toward Donald Trump only continues to grow. The fear that he could win re-election, even by the skin of his teeth, is palpable.

The previous iteration of this poll had Biden up a ridiculous +15. The latest round shows that lead dropping to only +4 with just a +1 lead in the battle ground states, which puts Trump in the “lose the popular vote but win the electoral college” range that so causes so much consternation for Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans.

Another poll came out on Sunday morning showing Biden up +9, so many liberals immediately rushed to that one as a safety blanket after seeing this result. Of course, those same people absolutely loved CNN’s methodology when it had Biden +15 some weeks back. You see how this works?

If I had to bet, given Trump’s average approval rating and that he overperformed in many of the battlegrounds in 2016, I’d guess this is much closer to a 4-6 point race than a 8-12 point race. I find it hard to believe anybody could push a 10 point spread in these divisive times. There’s also plenty of time for things to tighten even further, with the economy continuing to improve and the southern spikes of the coronavirus now mostly waning.

Regardless, Biden may still be leading, but that fact didn’t keep some Never Trumpers from needing good thoughts passed his way.

Consoling hugs all around, and they are probably warranted. The debates have not happened yet and Biden continues to hide in the basement, refusing to take questions. I do not believe he can keep that up until November. Factors that favor Trump should become more apparent as we move into October and Harris’ radicalism will be on full display as well. Anyone that was expecting this to be a blow-out is probably hoping in vain.

Back to Harwood’s thread, most of the other responses were what you’d expect. They also are a good example of Democrats learning absolutely nothing from Trump’s tenure.

Twitter isn’t real life, but I’m pretty sure that a Trump win would cause a meltdown among people like this like we’ve never seen. For that reason alone, it’s worth putting him back in office, though the whole Biden having dementia and Kamala Harris being a tyrant stuff is probably more important.

Seriously, the way these people talk makes you wonder how we can even continue to operate as a society. If everyone that disagrees with you is a “racist,” what reconciliation is possible? If Biden wins, I’m going to go about my life and continue to work toward the next election. If Trump wins, what exactly are these people going to do? Given the already current left-wing rioting, how much worse is it going to get?

I believe that’s why it’s more important now than ever for Trump to be victorious. These people can not be further fed into, and they can not be handed affirmation for their viciousness.

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