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Kamala Is Making the Same Mistake Clinton Did

By Brandon Morse for RedState

Hillary Clinton offered a lot of lessons to the Democrats that they just didn’t learn from.

It’s hard not to notice certain parallels happening in the 2020 Presidential elections right now. President Donald Trump is once again up against an opponent who would drag the country down into a socialist hellscape and his most threatening opponent on the opposite team is a list of leftist cliche’s soaked in social justice.

I think it’s fair to say at this point that Biden is hardly a threat to Trump. He spends most of the time hidden away by his handlers so as not to embarrass himself and the party any further. The debates are going to be interesting to watch (if they happen) but not because the two men will have a level debate about policies and viewpoints, but because Biden won’t be able to control his temper as he forgets one thing after another.

Kamala Harris is Trump’s real obstacle but she’s an obstacle in the same way a speed bump is an obstacle to a truck. It’ll slow things down a notch but rest assured, we’ll be getting past it.

We know this because we’ve seen this before. Trump already defeated someone much like Harris in 2016. Harris might remind you a lot of Hillary Clinton and you can’t be blamed for that. They are very similar in viewpoints, but Kyle Smith of National Review considers Harris even worse.

“Harris’s platform is so far to the left of the mainstream that she makes Mrs. Clinton, a hero to the Left for several decades, look moderate,” wrote Smith, who went on to list why:

Kamala Harris laughed uproariously at Joe Biden’s suggestion that a president is constrained by the Constitution from ruling by executive fiat. This clip ought to nauseate any constitutionalist: Even Hillary Clinton would not have gone so far as to treat the Constitution as a joke.

Harris, moreover, has the most extreme position on abortion imaginable. And when an undercover journalist, David Daleiden, made the abortion lobby look bad by accurately exposing the inner doings of Planned Parenthood executives, she brought the full force of the state down on his head, raiding his home and launching a vendetta that would result in nine felony charges against him. Former Obama speechwriter and leftist pundit Jon Favreau calls it “hilarious” that anyone thinks Harris is a moderate because “she has one of the most liberal records in the U.S. Senate.”

Smith also noted she backs the Green New Deal, New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s pet legislation. The GND is so bad and amounts to so much Marxist fan fiction that you can find it collecting dust at Barnes & Nobles’ clearance section.

Harris eclipses Clinton with how far she’ll go in order to push social justice concepts and Democratic authoritarianism, and while this is a difference, it’s all still the same thing. Clinton attempted to drag America further to the left during her election and America just didn’t want it. The left mistakenly thought that the reason they lost was that they just weren’t left enough and now we have Harris as the Democrat’s attempt to make up lost ground and finally win back what they believe is rightfully theirs.

It’ll be the same story now as it was then. Back in 2017, George Soros, baffled by Clinton’s loss, paid for a study to see why the white working class had abandoned Clinton. I could have told him for free.

The results showed that many felt they were a stranger in their own country. They watch as social justice warps and perverts American values and attempts to kill off those values that won’t be used and abused. Funny enough, a study from the Public Religion Research Institute found the same thing.

There’s no reason to believe that Harris won’t find herself writing books about why she lost in 2021 and blaming everyone from women to white people. The fact is, America isn’t the place the media portray it to be and it never has been. The Democrats have fooled themselves into thinking there’s a majority of people out there who hate the right, want to fundamentally transform America, and think every social justice tenet in their religion is a belief shared by all but the most extreme right-leaning Americans.

Their media dominance and unwillingness to allow free speech in any of their spaces has convinced them that they live in a world that doesn’t really exist.

It’s a problem Clinton suffered from and it’s now one that Harris will as well.

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