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Joe Biden Tries to Take Credit for Trump Brokered Peace Deal as Rashida Tlaib Yells At Clouds

by Bonchie For Red State

Joe Biden’s attempts to pretend every good thing that happens under the Trump administration is a result of the Obama administration have become fairly expected. When it comes to the economy, we continually hear Trump isn’t responsible for the booming growth experienced through much of his term. But in relation to foreign policy, it’s a bit jarring to see the former Vice President try to take credit for a peace deal the Obama administration had no hand in at all. Yet, Biden tried to spin that narrative today.

This came after Trump brokered a historic deal between Israel and the UAE. Later in the day, Bahrain and Oman followed suit, setting up a vital Arab alliance with the Jewish state.

The reality is exactly the opposite. Not only did the Obama administration not lay any groundwork for this deal, they actively worked against it by appeasing Iran and empowering them in the region. There were no legitimate efforts at all from 2008-2016 to broker a new Arab alliance that included Israel. That was a task Trump took on himself and succeeded at. He, not Joe Biden, deserves the credit for what transpired. It is pathetic that Biden would even try to take any credit for this happening.

It also should be noted that the “experts” at the State Department had decades to do this and never got it done.

Instead, Trump’s team, which has been roundly mocked when it comes to Middle East relations, managed to do something past presidents with far more foreign policy “experience” couldn’t. If you want to see all that progress evaporate, then electing Biden is the way to go. His decision making on foreign policy has been incredibly bad for the last 40 years and nothing has changed.

Meanwhile, noted anti-Semite Rashida Tlaib chimed in to voice her displeasure.

Oh, so now it’s not about annexation? Good to know. It’s about a non-existent “apartheid,” which is code for a one state solution that allows Israel to be overwhelmed by Hamas supporters. Also, news flash to Tlaib, but not everything revolves around the Palestinians. In fact, this new deal between Israel and the Arab nations is a direct sign that Palestinian influence is waning. To summarize, these nations are tired of their crap and tired of being caught in the middle.

In the end, Iran is the concern. Joe Biden represents a return to Iranian dominance and these nations, including Israel, want nothing to do with that. It’s yet another reason he shouldn’t be president.

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