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James Comey and Robert Mueller have Massive Clinton Foundation Problems

By Charles Ortel, The American Thinker

James Comey is not an effective liar. He fooled only the gullible last week with his evasive testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Previously, Robert Mueller was also not effective deterring the Trump Administration from uncovering significant, far-reaching crimes that the former F.B.I. Director “missed” from September 2001 through September 2013.

For almost 18 years, Comey and Mueller have been covering for powerful Republicans and Democrats, letting serious crimes go unpunished. Many of these involved fake charities that operate internationally, including the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

These are perfect conduits to trade donations for influence, especially for foreign governments who, in theory, are barred from investing in U.S. politicians.

We are approaching a “put up or shut up” moment, where President Trump must deliver on the most important campaign promise he made in closing arguments during the 2016 campaign: that justice would finally be administered to each American, without fear or favor.

This hard deadline is not Nov. 3, 2020 but 13 days later when many Clinton charities must file I.R.S. returns that are complete and truthful. None can do so, yet each must.

Here is some of the back story.

According to page 463 of a report by Inspector General Horowitz entitled “A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election,” the FBI opened an investigation into the “Clinton Foundation” in January 2016, when Jim Comey was Director.

So far, we do not know how aggressively Comey’s FBI may have pursued its Clinton Foundation “investigation.”  By now, however, John Durham and his team should have examined all available records pertaining to the 2016-era effort to see how and why it must have been stymied and by whom.

For, in January 2016, during years before and to the present, there was no lawfully organized or operated “Clinton Foundation.”  This is a hard fact that Comey and Mueller must have learned over the course of a previous FBI investigation that ran from 2001 to 2005. That investigation centrally involved Comey and was briefed to Mueller.

Worse for Comey and Mueller, are stories that a whistleblower tried to tell starting early in January 2016

Allegations of a Criminal Conspiracy to Protect Hillary Clinton and Others

Starting on page 122 of Part 23 in the FBI Vault File concerning mishandling of classified information by Hillary R. Clinton, a letter to Comey at his FBI headquarters address dated Jan. 10, 2016 begins with the following subject identified:

“Evidence about Private Emails Used to Transmit Classified U.S. Government Information and the Lies Told by Hilary [sic] Clinton and Others in an Attempt to Conceal Her Breach of National Security.”

The letter opens directly:

“The purpose of this letter to you as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is to provide evidence which should lead to the conviction of former Secretary of State Hilary [sic] Clinton for lying to a Congressional House Committee investigating the situation surrounding what happened September 11, 2011 [sic]….I watched her lie in her testimony.”

Then it gets into matters long the focus of Senator Chuck Grassley’s interest:

“Additionally, this letter should provide evidence of criminal actions by Hilary [sic] Clinton and her personal and official staff, including some, who were also acting under the pay of other persons and organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and its partners in this crime against United States National Security. This evidence should also be used to convict those senior, major and minor employees of the United States directly involved in knowingly permitting or assisting and attempting to delay and block a Federal investigation of this case.”

Though asked by the whistleblower to confirm receipt of this lengthy letter and supporting documents, Comey and his office apparently did nothing.

An Unscheduled Follow-Up Visit

Comey’s inaction only increased interest on the part of the State Department whistleblower who made a trip to the Washington, D.C. F.B.I field office on Jan. 27, 2016, scant days before pivotal primaries began for Democrats and presidential contenders.

Record of the meeting is contained in Part VI of the FBI Vault File on Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of Classified Information, starting on page 11.

The internal F.B.I. memo says the visitor:

“…explained to writer he had sent evidence of Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified documents to the F.B.I. Director earlier in January 2016, but when he called to confirm receipt he could not do so and therefore wanted to make sure the information was received by the right people at the F.B.I., specifically the “task force” working on the Clinton email.scandal.”

Courageously, the visitor:

“…explained he was a long-time government employee and had previously worked for many years at the Department of State. He provided a resume and a U.S. Foreign Service Employee Evaluation Report to prove his bonafides.”

According to the F.B.I. report, the informant:

“…did not go into detail as to what the evidence was as he had provided other types of documents explaining the evidence to the unclassified level he could.

He offered to be interviewed in a S.C.I.F. so he could talk at a higher classification level to further explain other evidence he had.

All other documents [he] provided …are being attached in a 1-A for further review by the appropriate personnel reviewing this matter.”

So, exactly what did the F.B.I. and Justice Department do thereafter? Presumably, John Durham has followed this trail and briefed Bill Barr.

Testing the Mettle of Barr and Durham

The long sweep of activities involving the Clinton family and supposed charities linked to their names might seem complicated.

In truth they are part of one corrupt playbook — entities that are never lawfully organized or run, solicit funds illegally that they receive and spend for political purposes and on themselves without ever validly accounting for billions of dollars.

When minor politicians do this with mere hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars, they pay fines and may go to jail. But when dynastic political families carry on for decades brazenly flouting the law, people including George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama let the Clinton family off, without deserved punishments.

James Comey, Robert Mueller and others who relentlessly targeted Donald Trump have serious conflicts of interest. They “missed” Clinton Foundation fraud and corruption in 2016, perhaps because key figures missed these crimes from 2001 through 2005 when they were serious but far smaller in financial terms.

Preferably in indictments, convictions and plea agreements, Barr and Durham may prove they and the Trump Administration will keep one key set of promises not yet addressed — draining the Deep State Swamp by bringing the Clintons, their fake charities and donors to account for the largest set of charity frauds and influence peddling schemes ever attempted.

Around the world, eyes are watching as we wait for important history to be made.


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