America is not a democracy: Democracy is MOB (majority) rule. Democracy leads to Oligarchy, which leads to socialism and quickly becomes communism.  America Is a Republic; a Constitutional Republic, which protects individual rights.

U.S. Immigration Laws are not racist:  They are rational laws, written and passed by Congress for National Security, which the Executive Branch, Constitutionally, is supposed to enforce!

The Democrat Party is COMMUNIST: Proven by their attacks on the U.S. Constitution, our Bill of Rights, the removing of God, and their hate for Christianity, as well as their cries for socialism.  Most recently they’ve promoted violence against Jewish Americans.

Climate Change IS NOT an Existential Threat; it is a huge hoax meant to rob you of your liberty and take your property!  Not one scare tactic or prediction has come to fruition.  The science is determined by payout; (it’s settled when the government check clears the bank.) Those scientists receiving federal grants are paid to make the data and numbers have the appearance of a climate crisis, which is why their doomsday predictions are always false!  CO2 is not a toxic gas. The climate change believers or promoters, are pushing for complete control and the government taking of private property.

Congress is to write No Laws which are contrary to our U.S. Constitution or in opposition to our Bill of Rights: All laws should be questioned, and if determined unconstitutional be declared Null & Void. (We The People)  

Cancel Culture IS an EXISTENTIAL THREAT:  Cancel Culture of any kind, is meant to limit Free Speech, to intimidate and tear down.  Cancel culture destroys and divides, it is NOT intended for restoration of a nation or the uniting of its people.  Cancel culture is a ploy to cancel America as a Free and Independent nation.

Outside Interest Groups (NGO) cannot make laws (read The Declaration of Independence), restrict American industries or obstruct our individual rights of Life, Liberty or Property.

BOYCOT:  Stop feeding the corporations that support legislation which is anti-Constitution and anti-American.   Stop supporting media which promotes lies and misinformation.  If they refuse to wear an American emblem as a lapel pin; they are not worth your support.  Their advertisers should know you will not continue with them either.  Boycotts are peaceful protests; your voice and dollars count, and speak loudly.    

BUYCOT: Put your money where your patriotism and Liberty abound…. Support American made products and companies who believe in God and Country.  “The Power of Change is in your Pocket” (

Hold Them Accountable:  Hold each of your elected representatives and senators personally responsible for all their legislative decisions: This is your duty as an American Citizen.

Government is NEVER here to help you: Government officials produce nothing; they cannot give you anything unless FIRST they take it away from your neighbor. Subsidies make industries dependent, and further burden the economy. The word stimulus is an insult to all Americans; it was always your money, not the government’s.


  1. Has Congress balanced a U.S. Budget?
  2. Does our government protect U.S. Citizens from foreign invasion? Are the elected keeping our borders safe from illegals who would enter to do harm and are burdening our economy and infrastructure?
  3. Does our government protect U.S. citizens from crime and maintain peace at home through law and order?
  4. Do We The People have equal justice in our courts?
  5. Do our government officials preserve and protect our individual Liberty?

According to our U.S. Constitution, the roll of the Federal Government is small and limited, yet they have grown to a gargantuan, behemoth size; demanding, restricting and infringing upon the rights of all American citizens; legislating and chipping away at your inalienable rights.

Do you know your rights?

The less the Federal Government does, the Freer We The People will live.

These things are guaranteed to you, NOT by government but by God!



and the

Pursuit of Happiness, Property & Prosperity 


The enemy controls the military, the news media, Congress, the Internet, elections and many state governments.  Help is not coming! 

This is the USA

There is no one coming to our rescue if things go sideways (as they seem to be moving.)

No one will be resupplying us,

No one will air drop food, ammunition or medicine,

There is no place to escape to… for Freedom. 

This is it!  America is and always has been the last stop for Freedom for the entire world.



It is UP to YOU America…

As Ronald Reagan asked, “If not us, then who?  (…ask it like this; If not you, then who?) – If not now, then when?”

Keep your heads and your hearts planted firmly in God’s word, keep your Patriot heart grounded in the documents put in place by our Founding Fathers.  We must now pick up where they left off and protect and preserve Liberty for ourselves, and for our posterity.

It is not only our right; it is our Duty!

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