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by Beth Ann

If I were Lady Liberty,
I’d shine God’s Light upon this land,
So that all the children in this world
Would know and understand…


Freedom isn’t Liberty,
And Liberty isn’t Free.
Truth is Light,
And Light is God;
Who lives for all to see!


It is the Heavenly Father,
Who has blessed our lives and land;
Our Founding Fathers looked to Him
For guidance and a plan.


The Sovereign God
Has a Sovereign Plan
For His Sovereign People
Of this land.


If I were Lady Liberty
I’d want all to understand,
God’s word must not be forgotten;
His laws must rule this land.


For Love – For Life – For Liberty
For happiness…prosperity
America is said to be
The land of opportunity.


If I were Lady Liberty
I’d want all people to see
Not my arm lifted up so high,
But God’s outstretched for Thee.


For I am but a Statue
Standing in the sea,
Merely just a symbol
Of opportunity.


It came by sacrifice and woe
This vision from our men of old.
Their sacrifice brought Liberty
Not this statue in the sea.


If I were Lady Liberty
This truth I’d share with thee,
The Lord and the Spirit are one in the same, you see,
And where His Spirit is, there too lives Liberty!


We have an obligation
In this land so rich and free
To share God’s Love and be His beacon
For Truth… For Life… and Liberty.


Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. 
2 Corinthians 3:17




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