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Democrats Try New Tactic To Stop Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation. Here’s Why It Must Continue.

By Ian Haworth, The Daily Wire


The writers of the dark sitcom 2020 have been working overtime as we approach the season finale. After progressive hero Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in September, an already turbulent election race became even more explosive as the ever-contentious issue of the United States Supreme Court emerged as a central issue for both Republicans and Democrats.

On the Right, conservatives are pushing for Trump and his Republican Senate to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to replace “The Notorious RBG.” Democrats reacted to this standard constitutional process as further evidence that Trump is America’s ultimate villain, who dares go against Ginsburg’s “dying wish.”


Then came another twist — President Trump caught COVID-19, with returning character Hope Hicks playing the role of “White House Patient Zero.” Other members of the Trump administration who announced that they, too, had tested positive for COVID-19 included White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, first lady Melania Trump, and Kellyanne Conway. Several Republican Senators also tested positive, with two receiving particular attention from Democrats.

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina both announced they’d tested positive for COVID-19 on October 2nd. The reason why their diagnoses are relevant to the Democrats is that both Lee and Tillis are members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, the very body responsible for confirming Supreme Court nominations. Days later, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared that it was simply “too dangerous” to continue with “business as usual.”

While Sen. Schumer will claim that his declaration was nothing other than an expression of bipartisan concern for the safety of his coworkers, the Democrats are laughably transparent. As they clutch their pearls and talk of “dying wishes” and “COVID-19 running rampant through the Senate,” we must see this for what it is: cynical political opportunism. Don’t forget, the Supreme Court is central to the Democratic Party strategy of forcing through legislation without having to deal with such inconvenient roadblocks to progress like Congressional authority.

There are three reasons why the Republicans must confirm Amy Coney Barrett, and why they must do so as soon as possible. First, it is their constitutional duty. Article II Section II of the United States Constitution is clear and concrete in its wording, with Ginsburg herself stating, “the president is elected for four years, not three. So the powers that he has in year three continues into year four.”

Secondly, we cannot allow COVID-19 to continue to be a reliable political tool of governmental disruption. For the foreseeable future, the virus is a reality we must learn to deal with. Until we have reliable methods of preventing its spread, it will continue to spread. Where possible, we must find a balance between protecting the vulnerable and returning to some semblance of normality.

A fundamental pillar of such normality is the continuation of government process. The argument that the danger posed by COVID-19 is sufficient evidence in favor of shutting down politically convenient parts of the government is abjectly absurd when we consider that infected Senators could easily hold hearings via Zoom. If Sen. Schumer was Senate Majority Leader, would he close down proceedings if it meant giving up a Supreme Court seat? No way.

Finally, conservatives must be brutally honest and understand that too much is at stake, and we cannot start playing the Left’s game by the Left’s rules. The rules are clear, as described by the U.S. Constitution. The hierarchy is clear, with a Republican White House and Republican Senate. The consequences of missing the valid opportunity to cement another textualist voice in the Supreme Court are staggering, made worse by Biden’s obvious intention to pack the court if they don’t get their way. The Left have already used the Supreme Court to force through their objectives, and we will be abandoning our moral duty if we leave the door open for them in 2021.

Some conservatives, like David French and Jonah Goldberg, think that we should “play nice,” and make a “deal” with the Democrats, agreeing not to confirm a Supreme Court Justice now in return for their “promise” that they won’t pack the court later. Such a deal would be nothing less than a deal with an ideological devil.

The Constitution matters too much. The United States matters too much.

No deals. No compromise. We have the power. Time to use it.

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