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CDC Quietly Admits Less than 10,000 Died from COVID-19

By Warner Todd Huston, The Washington Sentinel

The media is in love with the idea that 200,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, but last weekend the CDC drastically downgraded the number of deaths and noted that in truth less than 10,000 died solely of the virus.

As it turns out, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website recently reported that very few died solely of the virus. Out of the 161,392 deaths in the CDC data, just six percent (9,700) were attributed to the coronavirus alone. In all the rest of the deaths, COVID was either only one contributor to death or was merely present in the system at the end.

The CDC is now admitting that the coronavirus is not even as dangerous as the average flu season and that the people most vulnerable to coronavirus are those people with all sorts of other pre-existing health problems (what they call a “comorbidity”). But, this is just logic, after all. Of course people with a long list of health problems are more susceptible to drying from a virus or infection.

Who didn’t know that already?

This little fact that the CDC does not want you to know is entirely at odds with how the hair-on-fire media has been reporting the red Wuhan death virus.

If you watch the so-called “medical experts,” Democrat politicians, and the media, you’d be fooled into thinking that the Chinese virus is deadly and can be picked up just by being within a space parsec of another person.

The media has used this fantasy reckoning about how communicable and dangerous the Chinese virus is to lockdown the nation, destroy millions of jobs, and decimate our economy.

Of course, we know that COVID is only the left’s excuse to do all that. After all, their real purpose is to devastate the economy so that they can turn around and claim it is all Trump’s fault. They hope COVID will redound negatively on Trump and that it will contribute to his losing the election in November.

This all has nothing whatever to do with “science.” The media’s response to the Wuhan virus is pure, 100 percent, undiluted politics, through and through.


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