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California Gov Bans Poor People From Owning Cars

By Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag


“My own belief is that California has a unique place on the planet. It’s been a place of dreams. We can pursue a path of benign energy,” Governor Brown once said.

Brown is gone, but his idiot Spaceship Earth vision lives on.

 Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling for California to ban new gasoline-fueled vehicles within 15 years in a bid to combat climate change and make the state the first in the nation to stop sales of cars with internal combustion engines.

In other words cars. As most people know them and own them.

California Business Roundtable President Rob Lapsley said in an interview that the “radical step” to ban internal combustion engines “makes no sense” and is a rushed decision, with no guarantee of affordability for many who live in an already-expensive state.

Oh it’s easy.

This will gate off car ownership to the sort of people who can afford electric cars. Tesla people and such. Illegal aliens will go on driving wrecks with no insurance, registration, inspection stickers, etc.

So there will be two classes of car owners in California.

1. Wealthy people

2. Criminals

Working class and poor people won’t be able to afford cars. And in a state where car ownership is pretty much a prerequisite for getting a job or buying groceries, that’s an economic death sentence.

Predictably, Democrats will discover a right for the welfare class to own electric cars, which the middle class will be taxed to provide. And anyone who isn’t in the welfare class will be squeezed further out of a failing state.

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