ASPCA gives onlly 2% of its budget to pet shelters, while promoting ‘radical and elitist’ anti-farmer policies, bombshell report finds



A think tank released a new bombshell report this week revealing that the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals only provides 2% of its total budget to pet shelters throughout the United States, despite having hundreds of millions of dollars and providing many employees with six-figure salaries.

The Center for the Environment and Welfare, a new think tank dedicated to sustainability and animal welfare, released a report exposing the ASPCA, a nonprofit organization formed to prevent animal cruelty, for deceptively using donors’ dollars to support “radical and elitist” anti-farmer policies instead of funding animal shelters.

In conjunction with the shocking report, the think tank announced the launch of a new media campaign to “expose the duplicity” of the ASPCA.

According to CEW, the ASPCA’s most recent tax filings revealed that the nonprofit had $390 million in revenue and $575 million in assets, including roughly $11 million in offshore Caribbean accounts.

“The same filings show that only about 2% of the ASPCA’s budget is given as grants to community pet shelters,” CEW reported.

The report alleged that 259 ASPCA employees made six-figure incomes, including the organization’s CEO, Matt Bershadker, who made $856,785.

Despite its misleading name, the ASPCA only operates one animal adoption center and is not affiliated with local SPCAs, CEW stated.

The think tank also slammed the nonprofit for attempting to implement harmful agricultural policies that would further increase food costs for Americans.

The ASPCA and 40 other animal rights groups are leading an effort to place a nationwide moratorium on new and expanding large animal feeding operations. The radical agenda would require existing operations to shut down by 2040. “In addition to exposing the ASPCA’s dishonest marketing, CEW is also calling out the ASPCA’s attempts to commandeer the Farm Bill by promoting radical and elitist agriculture policies that will hurt farmers, hurt consumers, and drive up food costs without improving animal welfare,” the think tank wrote in a recent press release.

CEW’s executive director, Jack Hubbard, stated, “Congress shouldn’t allow the ASPCA and other radical anti-farm groups to hijack the Farm Bill. Groups that disregard science, ignore veterinarians, and want to shut down animal agriculture have no business shaping the country’s farm policies.”

Hubbard told Fox News Digital that CEW’s effort to expose the ASPCA “is not a flash in the pan” but rather a “sustained campaign.”

“When you start sharing this information with people, especially animal lovers, they’re outraged,” Hubbard stated. “There’s a euthanasia crisis in this country, with more than a million animals killed, euthanized in the U.S. each year, and you’ve got this group sitting on $300 million in investments.”

An ASPCA spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the organization’s “lifesaving work is dedicated to rescuing, protecting, and caring for animals in need.”

“For more than 155 years, the ASPCA has been actively pursuing our mission ‘to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States,'” the spokesperson stated.