Many called him and his administration incompetent but the truth of it is, they were pure evil committing deliberate acts of treason.

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Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. was an evil man. It was at this time that he had already served in political positions of his country for nearly 50 years.  He used his positions for profit and power; his entire family benefited greatly and became a ring of corruption throughout the land.

It was in the year of our Lord 2020, when Biden and his party of collaborators plotted an evil scheme of an elaborate fraud against the citizens of America. The purpose of this fraud was to remove the national election-outcome from their hands.  He admitted this in saying, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

And so they did! They shocked the land with their blatant theft, and despite the objections by the people, it was in the year of our Lord, 2021, Joseph R. Biden was installed as President of the nation known as the United States of America. His promises of peace and unity were replaced with more division, hate and violence.

Biden was not a leader of the free world; he wasn’t even a good follower.  He ruled over his own people by edicts, which removed freedom and liberty.  Biden and his governors removed The God from all places; their god was their government and the house, which once belonged to the people, was now called “The temple of Democracy.” The people were locked out and the temple was overrun with the oligarchy!  Once a place where prayer led a nation, is now filled with prostitutes and greedy men and women who use their offices and positions for corrupt, evil and perverted pleasures.

The people of the land became subjects not citizens.  Inflation plagued the land; famine, hunger and suffering became the new normal for the people.

There was great division and fear among the people.  People were taught to hate one another for their skin color, their race, their gender, and for their faith.  They were encouraged to segregate and not commune together.

The children were abused, as there were taught perverted sexual behavior and used as pawns.  Under the Biden administration children were property and belonged to the state; parents had no authority.

There were poor and there was wealthy but no middle-class in-between.  A once strong and proud people were brought to their knees.

In the days of Biden, a dark cloud of evil hovered over the land.

Other godless countries invaded the land stripping it of its wealth and fertility.  They brought with them violence and disease, immoral living, slavery and human trafficking and death; and the people were sore afraid.

Those in the court of Biden worshiped the earth and not the Creator God.  They began to sacrifice needed energy and all natural resources, which brought devastation, hunger, suffering and death to the people.  Land was removed from the owners and became “government” property.

It was decreed that there should never again be talk of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; all property belonged to Biden’s government.  To speak against this Biden regime was to commit treason.

Although the people lived as peasants and paupers, the politicians lived as kings.  These elites, however, surrounded themselves with many enemies; believing them to be friends, yet the enemies were plotting great evils against Biden, his court and his country.

Because of the poor and weak leadership of Biden and the secretaries of his court, the world became unstable and wars began to break out.

In the days of Biden, the free nation ceased to be, and the seized country began to die.  The once prosperous United States of America is now a divided states of America and the poorest country of all; the once prosperous and generous American people are now mocked by other lands.

Because of the evil ways of the installed president, Biden and his traitorous court, America was consumed by its enemies.

The greatest enemy of all were those who claimed to represent the people but lived and legislated to destroy the American way of life.

They campaigned to fundamentally change America, and that they did!

And so, it was in the days of the godless Joseph Robinette Biden, the once strong, powerful, free and independent nation, known as The United States of America was sacrificed for the greed of the oligarchy and the lifting up of its enemies.

Many called him and his administration incompetent but the truth of it is, they were pure evil committing deliberate acts of treason.

The days of Biden will pass, the question remains, will the people rise up against all his evil and Bring America Home©?

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