The other night I was sleepless, as usual, and was channel surfing and found the movie, Star Wars and this thought began to appear in my fatigued conscience…The classic struggle of good versus evil with Anakin Skywalker being of high altruistic motivation and his alter ego Darth Vader being the epitome of all that is evil and destructive at a cosmic level…

Well, it didn’t take me long to draw a very direct analogy to the state of affairs in our country today. Darth Vader and the Evil Empire have invaded our country creating hostility among family and friends, and brainwashed the mindless lemmings that never had a useful thought of their own but are now social justice warriors parroting the evil empire’s opinions of hate and malice towards others and this great nation. We have become a nation that has lost its collective mind and gone insane!

If a guy pretends to be a women you are required to pretend with him, but somehow it is un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America using he and she…However, people who are saying there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President…Then there is the Russia, Russia, Russia but everyone seems to agree that Russian influencing our elections is bad but illegal’s voting in our elections is good…

Now, when Joe “Darth Vader” Biden blackmailed the President of Ukraine it was ok, but when DJT inquired about the matter, it  was an impeachable offense…With the grooming of college students by “Darth”, people who have never been to college have to pay the debt of college students who have taken out huge loans for their useless college degrees in female studies and community organization…Let’s mention cheating, so if you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into our country you go to college for free…

With old open border “Vader”, immigrants with TB, COVID, and Polio are welcome but you better be able to prove your pit bull is vaccinated…If you are an Irish doctor or German engineer who wants to immigrate to the U.S., there is a vigorous vetting process but any illiterate gang bangers who jump the fence are welcome…Of course “Darth” doesn’t want to close the border at a cost of $5 billion dollars but $1.5 trillion dollars for free health care is fine…As a citizen in the “Evil Empire” you are ruthlessly held responsible for things you do and what happens i.e. January 6th, which is good in “Darth’s” mind but if you are an illegal or a criminal who is caught breaking the law, you are released to hurt more people and stopping them is bad because it violates their civil rights…Dare we not execute murders but the killing of unborn babies is AOK!!!

However by pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us racist, especially if you have never owned slaves you must make reparations to people who never were a slave or say COVID came from China…Nothing makes sense anymore with the loss of morals, values and civility…As George Orwell so eloquently stated  “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength”…Where is Luke Skywalker when you need him to come and vanquish Darth Vader and return the cosmic balance to the empire, but alas this was only a movie…

Friends, unless we take back control of our country in 2024 (all three branches), the “Evil Empire” will be the death of this Constitutional Republic  and the great experiment  known as AMERICA!



Source: Defender of the Republic

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Dr. JOSEPH A. FINLEY, JR. PH.D., CPP. Dr. Finley served as the Director of Training at Invictus Security which is a disabled veteran owned and operated company in Florida. Previously, he was with G4S Secure Solutions, USA as Director, G4S, North America Training Institute (NATI). Dr. Finley is a knowledgeable safety and security expert, with an extensive background in federal law enforcement and academic administration. He has more than 28 years as a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Dr. Finley has been involved in the FBI SWAT/Sniper program, and conducted 200 dynamic entries while assigned to the Special Operations Division of the FBI. Additional, he has been on the Executive Protection details for U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno and U.S. Congressman Allen B. West. Since 1987, Dr. Finley was assigned to the Special Operations Group of the FBI (17 years) and while assigned to the New York Division, actively conducted Technical Surveillance Countermeasure Sweeps (TSCM) and surreptitious entries. Upon being transferred to the Miami Division in 1996, he continued his assignment in the Special Operations Group. He is an Expert Witness in the field of Forensic Geology and was assigned to the FBI Laboratory as an examiner and testified as an expert in Federal, State, and Local courts. He has conducted many crime scene investigations and started the Underwater Search and Evidence Recovery Team (USERT), FBI, Miami. He was an original member of the FBI Scuba program. He has lectured at the university level and at private symposiums on Maritime Security, Homeland Security, MTSA Compliance Matters, Terrorism, Underwater Crime Scenes, PTSD in Security Officers, and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures. Dr. Finley is on the Board of Directors, American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International Chapter 254, The Palm Beaches, as well as being on the ASIS National Standards Committee for Investigations. Dr. Finley is a certified protection professional (CPP) through ASIS International. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership with a Global Perspective, a Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration with concentration in Forensic Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Geology.