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America, my dear sweet America,

We the People from you have strayed.

We’ve wasted our liberties and spoiled our prosperity, and now we live as slaves.

We’ve ignored our Founding Fathers’ warnings and heeded not the wisdom of our past… Alexis de Tocqueville wisely stated, “When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.” Will our spirit of Independence find its way through this dismal time?

It is dark here America, so very dark!

Our form of government, our precious Republic, originally was meant for – was intended for, a moral and religious people. We were told it was wholly inadequate for any other, but we lost our way there as well. It was our own John Adams who told us, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

There are those claiming no religion and no God in our nation today, and this has caused great moral decay.

Oh America – our Free America – we miss you desperately!

The politicians are arrogant, indignant and respect us not. They turn their noses in the air and go their “haughty” way. The Constitution means nothing to them; they seek power, prestige, wealth and fame. They abuse We the People, I know you see. For America, Sweet America, it is you they hate as WE!

We the People have not only forsaken you; in our selfishness, we have condemned our children and grandchildren to a life of government intrusions, restrictions, dependence and slavery.

Our leaders cry out for Democracy, knowing full well this was never meant to be. Proudly and boldly they claim this lie, in attempts to erase our Republic and rob us of liberty.

May the enthusiasm and want for liberty, which lived in the hearts of those before us; may the blood that was shed on this land and others, cry out to us now and awaken the patriots, who hide within.

For America, I still believe in our Republic! I still believe in You!

Awaken us America! Awaken our spirit and want for Independence. May we once again become a people covetous for freedom, who understand the words; Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness-property and prosperity. May We the People have a yearning for these now, and a heartfelt duty for our posterity.

Remind us of the God who created all equally!

Instill in us righteous morals. May we know and understand the vital importance of the Rule of Law and the significance of Law and Order.

Place within our hearts love and respect that comes from above, for these things established a land once blessed by God.

For our God is Great and Wonderful! He is Loving and Forgiving! He only waits for us to turn – return and confess our sinful ways. The selfishness and the murder, the lying and thieving that go on here today are NOT the characteristics of the America who was once the true love of We the People.

I’m just a simple woman, who loves you so, but I fear we have lost you; and know not where to go.

But you didn’t leave us, We the People have been lazy and apathetic, forgetful of our start. We forgot that we were once all surfs and slaves to a tyrannical king; we were brought out of government bondage by our own American dream.

The American dream cannot be separated from our Loving God, for God did bless America and America did gain.

American gained in freedom and we prospered for our hard work. Our stubborn curious ways brought us many comforts and conveniences.

But comfort and conveniences brought us to forgetfulness.

America, Sweet America, I am homesick for you: Homesick for those simple days of white picket fences and small-town parades; a time when our children could play after dark without fear of violence. I’m homesick for a time gone by when family was placed most high. Family; strong families make a strong nation and our families unite us as ONE; in a nation of many.

One nation Under God; why would anyone want to remove Him? Why did this nation stop bowing to and thanking the very One who made them? One nation under God; where did those people go?

America, Sweet America, the blood of our children cries out…

Arise patriots all and hear the clarion call, for America is dying from within. Only We the People can love her and bring independence and freedom to our land again.

As a Republic, We the People were established and the Republic, We the People must restore!

America is YOU and America is ME and only WE can preserve her liberty and set her people free.

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