America Chokes on Woke. Part 1

Why 'wokeness' is a dead end for freedom.


It has taken me awhile to sort out how I wanted to address the “Woke” ideology and finally on this 4th of July I decided to put a four part article together.  I was trying to find a 4th celebration that would be non-political and just a celebration of this great nation.  I tuned into the fireworks display from our great United States Military Academy at West Point and settled in for some good old Americana however, it was short lived.  A female cadet began singing one of my favorite patriotic songs by Irving Berlin, God Bless America.  The opening line; “God Bless America, land that I love” began and I had to replay the opening line because I thought my ears were playing tricks on me.  The line went “God Bless America, land that I CHOSE” and this was enough.

No matter who you are or where you come from, America has been the land of opportunity.  Anyone can come here and succeed thanks to the freedoms that we have as American citizens.  These freedoms are being challenged today and viciously attacked by radicals who are trying to undermine the values that make this country great.  Racial tensions are growing, stoked by hatred by the Marxist progressives who are fostering the idea that America is a racist country.  All white people are the oppressors and all people of color are the oppressed (Critical Race Theory).

The racist indoctrination is creating an entire class of victims as those who can and those who can’t.  The great Awokening represents the Marxist march to sanction institutionalized racism by the white populace and the victimization of everyone else at all costs.  Woke may be defined as a slang term borrowed from African American vernacular and essentially means being aware of so called social injustice and racism (Cambridge Dictionary).  This term erupted into main stream media in 2014 after the shooting of Michael Brown in Missouri and was adopted by the Marxist BLM movement.  Wokeness continued growing after President Trump took office as part of the TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.  This hate full movement is threatening to tear the nation apart by spawning programs  such as CRT and the 1619 project which is rewriting the history of this country.  White privilege should create guilt, shame and embarrassment and cause all those to repent for this privilege.  This is the totalitarian message being promoted in government offices, schools and businesses across the United States.  Disney is demanding that all employees complete a white privilege check list during their 21 day racial equity and social justice challenge (NY Post, may,2021).  This document literally claims that America was founded on structural racism and transphobia and calls on all employees to work on healing themselves.  Coca Cola has jumped on the woke train and asked their employees to be less white.

Source: OAN Pearson Sharp

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