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A 2016 Labor Day Prediction That Stings Liberals

By Matt Vespa, Townhall

The polls say creepy Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump. In some cases, it’s by ten-point nationally. It’s over, right? No. Enough. One has to tear their hair out seeing these headlines, clicking on the article, and see that polling firms and liberal news outlets are still using registered voters for their surveys. Also, Joe isn’t acting like he’s up by ten points. I think internals from both campaigns show a much closer race. It’s why Biden is scrambling to states like Wisconsin, which was never competitive for Republicans in past cycles. It’s why he came out of the basement not long after the Republican National Convention concluded. Could it be the nonstop rioting from the radical and violent far left? Maybe. There has been a shift. The liberal media doesn’t want to admit it, but independents flocking to Trump by a ten-point margin, and there’s been a ten-point shift towards Trump in Florida over the past six weeks. If Biden loses Florida, CNN’s Harry Enten said his prediction of Joey winning the 2020 race dips below 50 percent.

Give it time, folks. The enthusiasm for Trump is one gauge that is undeniably visible. Trump and Biden are tied in Michigan in some polls, which has liberal activist Michael Moore nervous. You’re not leading by ten points nationally, with the Wolverine State being that close supposedly. The polling is off again. No shock coming from a news establishment that hates the president, his supporters, and Republicans in general. They only like us when we die.

So, as we all relax this Labor Day, let’s rehash a prediction from CBS News that remains a stinging reminder to liberal America that you cannot count anything out with Trump in the race—anything. Scott Whitlock of Newsbusters, the Media Research Center’s media bias wing, found this nice little gem from CBS News, where they predicted a 341 Electoral College landslide for Hillary Rodham Clinton during the Labor Day weekend of 2016 (via Newsbusters):

The 2020 presidential race is tightening with close races in the battleground states. But most journalists still expect Trump to lose handily to Joe Biden. Some perspective from 2016 should help any reporter who might get too excited. The day after Labor Day weekend four years ago, CBS predicted a 341 electoral vote landslide win for Hillary Clinton.

Citing the CBS News “battleground tracker, co-host Gayle King cheered on elections director Anthony Salvanto: “The way you’ve got this now, 341 electoral votes for Hillary Clinton. You only need 270 to win. That suggests a blowout.”

Yeah, the only thing that was blown out was Hillary’s dreams of being president of the United States. She isn’t. She never will be. Trump was the one who earned the Electoral College landslide, dominating the Rust Belt. He also took Pennsylvania from Democrats for the first time since 1988. The Blue wall was shattered in 2016. I think Trump can do so again. In Pennsylvania, for example, for the workers in the natural gas industry—do you really trust Joe Biden not to touch fracking which has supported your families for years? Do you trust Joe Biden that he will keep economic opportunity alive and ensure your family won’t suffer under the yoke of far-left environmentalism? Can he even stand up to these aggressive far-left elements of the Democratic Party? What will he do for your family when he does decide to nuke fracking because there’s not much, he can do on his own to energize the most progressive factions of the liberal base which he needs to win?

Joe Biden will restart what some have called a regional genocide in rural America regarding coal and natural gas jobs. I wouldn’t bet the mortgage that Democrats have anything planned for the millions whose economic well-being will be torpedoed by far-left who are rapidly taking over the party. They promised job retraining during NAFTA, right? How did that turn out?

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